Some Insights About Roman Chair HyperExtension Bench Workouts

There are only a few pieces of equipment that actually give you the benefit of exercise and of those is roman chair. It is also known as hyperextension bench. If you are suffering from back pain, then your cure lies in roman chair hyperextension bench workout.

In this article we will talk about roman chair as a whole but first we will look at some of its advantages of HyperExtension Bench which are as follows:

1. Ab and core workout

By using a roman chair you get the benefit of intensive core workout. Of course, you are not going to develop abs magically overnight, it will take time but in this process, roman chair will be your best bet.

When you use roman chair you tend to use your body as weight and have to endure the body’s up and down motion.

Do not only focus on the abs but focus on your core as well since it is your midsection. Those who complain about not getting the results fail to look into the core section of the workout. By focusing on the core you get to hit a lot of muscles all at once.

2. Glutes & Hamstrings

The modern times has witnessed CrossFit as the real game changer. It inculcates in people a fitness discipline. People are more and more rushing towards gym which is paving way for increase in stock of glute aka hamstring developer.

These are in actual roman chairs or hyperextension benches and are among the best form of this equipment.

When you engage in workout with the help of this machine while you are an student & seeking to get help in academic writing or you are training your hamstring muscles.

If your glutes are weak they may result in immense back pain. As for those ladies who are actively engaged in elevated, rounded butts, this machine and exercise if for you too!

3. Improved posture
The main reason for back pain is our desk jobs and it has been proven medically. It is because we constantly sit and does not indulge our bodies into enough motion which prevents the development of proper posture formation.

You are continuously sitting in a slumped position without even noticing, hence, leading to back pain. The roman chair’s main feature is its back extension. What does it do? It simply stretches your back muscles giving them a much needed stretch after long hours of sitting.

With repeated usage of the machine, you back becomes strong and you can thus, maintain a decent posture and can put end to the cycle of pain, altogether.
Now that we have seen the benefits a roman chair packs especially for those complaining about back pain, let us dive into what options of roman chairs are available at our disposal.

1. Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair

Also referred to as March Roman Chair is one of the highly sold exercise equipment of all-time.

Marcy, the company behind its manufacture never compromises on the quality of these machines and therefore, the product is wildly popular.

The Marcy machine weighs 42 lbs. and can be easily moved if need be. Plus it is coupled with comfortable padding and handles which are there for assistance.

Most users can benefit from the version manufactured by Marcy as it has 300 lbs. weight limit and comes with 2-year warranty.

2. Stamina Hyper Bench

This is most traditional version of the roman chair. It is relatively smaller and is more angled than the Marcy version.

If you’re ultimate objective is back extension than this should be your number 1 pick! It also has comfortable padding and the grips are non-slippery. Weight is quite light i.e. 29 lbs. only.

Not sure if it would work for users who weigh more than 200 lbs.

3. Stamina Pro Ab

This is one by the group called Stamina fitness and as the name implies it is a hybrid design.

The best roman chair design is combined with traditional foldable sit up bench.

The best bit about this hybrid is that it offers a lot exercising options but you don’t necessarily have to use them all.

You can use the decline sit up option to that can help you with four position adjustment provided on the bench.

This will enable you to cure back pain as you can opt for partial support. Other exercises can also be carried out on this bench with the addition of such as dumbbells.

It supports up to 250 lbs. weight limit.

4. Powerline Roman Chair

Powerline roman chair is similar to Marcy hyper bench. It supports 42 lbs. and packs an amazing 10-year warranty. How many products are there in the market that can say they offer 10-year warranty?

It is one of the finest products out there and can be adjusted for a variety of exercising positions.

Although expensive than Marcy but if budget is not an issue than choose Powerline.