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LightWeight Wheelchair Buying Guide For Users With Disabilities

A wheelchair is something which no one wants to use in their life, but life is always not as it is planned and if you might have met an unfortunate accident or you are having any trouble in walking you will need a wheelchair.

When you are in such situation it becomes difficult for you to move around and it can be very frustrating, and that is the exact reasons why science came up with the wheelchair.

People who are already suffering from such conditions which makes it difficult for them to walk are using wheelchairs, and they have admitted that using them make their lives easier.

So if you are looking to buy a wheelchair for yourself or someone who is having trouble walking, then you will want to make sure that you are getting the right wheelchair.

Wheelchairs come in different size and shapes, and it depends on the person what kind of wheelchair suits them the most. Here below are some best wheelchairs recommendations available in market today

1# Invacare Lightweight wheelchair

If you are looking for a wheelchair which is not just a reliable wheelchair but also is very cost friendly, then this one is the perfect wheelchair for you. Invacare wheelchairs prioritize protection and comfort of its users.

Invacare Lightweight wheelchair comes with two axle positions which help the user to sit in different height and positions.

This way it becomes effortless for the user to adjust it according to their ease. The one advantage of Invacare Lightweight wheelchair is that it weighs only around 36 pounds and can support persons up to six times of its weight.

2# MedMobile wheelchair

This wheelchair is one of the best available in the market, and if you like to function freely and openly, then this one is for you. Med mobile wheelchair is exceptional, and it gives you the luxury of removing its armrests and footrests which are elevating.

These options clearly mean that the user will be able to adjust his or her position according to their comfort. Another good thing about this wheelchair is its comfortable seat which is made from high-quality leather, and it is convenient to sit on. It is also very light and can be moved quickly.

3# Drive medical lightweight chair

Drive medical lightweight chair is one of the top wheelchairs from this year and has had great reviews. If you are looking to go out and your legs are giving you trouble than this lightweight wheelchair will take you out.

Drive medical lightweight wheelchair is no different from the regular wheelchair, but the difference is its lightweight. The seat of this wheelchair is very nicely made, and it does not just allow you to move safely but is also very comfortable.

And talking about being comfortable it has full padded armrests on which you can rest your arms.

4# Medline transport wheelchair

Medline transport wheelchair is a little different from others, and it is especially for those who have a caretaker or loved ones who like to stay with you for the maximum time.

It might be a different wheelchair, but it is still among the top wheelchairs of this year. The reason you should be spending money on this wheelchair is that it is compact and it is very lightweight as well.

The wheelchair is also equipped with 12 inches front wheels which help you in moving on uneven surfaces.

5# Cruiser III by Drive medical

Cruiser III is an excellent wheelchair, and it is specially designed for those people who are just looking for comfort and ease from their wheelchair. This wheelchair from the Drive medical has a lot of features which help you move around much smoothly.

It is also a versatile product because of the variety it offers. It has removable armrests and not just that it can be flipped back as well when you do not need them.

This wheelchair is also very convenient for those who require stretching their legs because it has a movable footrest.

So, now you can see the types and varieties of wheelchairs available out there in the market, and if you are looking to buy one, we hope this article has helped you understand what kind of wheelchair is suitable for you.